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Teaching Staff at the University of Rijeka

Dr. Petra Anić

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

University of Rijeka

  • well-being

  • leisure and sports psychology

Time management is necessary in a modern society. Work or school demands often leave no room for pursuing individual goals or satisfying basic psychological needs, and that’s why people turn to free time or leisure activities. My research focuses on the relationship between motivation for activities (mainly those that are freely chosen) and well-being. Specifically, I am interested in whether different types of activities are related to different outcomes regarding satisfaction, affect, psychological needs, and meaning.

Furthermore, I am interested in the relationship between momentary and global measures of affect and satisfaction.

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External Collaborators

Dr. Sandra Arbula

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Cognitive Neuroscience

SISSA, Trieste

  • cognitive neuroscience

  • neuropsychology

  • neuroimaging methods

Within the field of cognitive neuroscience, my research primarily focuses on the neural mechanisms underlying personality traits and the neural organization of executive functions. To investigate these topics, I use different methodological approaches, mainly relying on neuropsychology and neuroimaging techniques such as fMRI, EEG and TMS.

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