Quality Control

We designed this programme to support you in becoming a confident and rigorous researcher. Thus, we are also committed to growing and challenging ourselves, to continuously evaluate our work and adjust the programme - to ensure that you get the best out of it.

Student support

At the start of the programme, the First Year Tutor will asssist you in choosing elective elements and elective courses. Throughout the programme, you will receive support and help in organising your individual journey through the programme.

The teaching staff will have regular meetings to discuss student progress, such that we can help you identify strengths, interest, but also areas in which you may want additional support.

For students requiring additional language support, the study programme offers the elective course 'Academic English' in the first year.

In the second year, in addition to a primary supervisor, you will also have a co-supervisor. It is possible for the co-supervisor to be from a different institution (including outside of Croatia). In the latter case, we will suggest that you choose an additional advisor such that you always have two contact persons at your main institution. To facilitate integration and intercultural competencies, second year students are encouraged to participate in a peer-mentoring programme for first year students.

In addition to these programme-specific opportunities, the University of Rijeka offers several services to ensure that students receive the best support during their studies as part of the University Counseling Center: Psychological Counseling, the Office for Students with Disabilities, and the Career Office.

To evaluate the quality of teaching, we employ standard procedures of our institution, which include anonymous surveys, but we have also established additonal procedures, including a meeting with student representatives for all mandatory courses.

We will conduct peer-evaluation, periodically and as needed, to provide feedback to lecturers. Most of our mandatory courses are taught by multiple lecturers, who will jointly prepare the courses, such that peer-support is consistently available to all lecturers.

Advisory Board

We work closely with an international Advisory Board whose members are at the forefront of their respective fields and changes in academic practice.

The formal part of this work includes an annual report on which the Advisory Board members provide comments, suggestion, and offer advice. In addition, we are in continuous contact with the Advisory Board members in a more informal way, and some members may also support the programme by giving invited lectures.

Advisory Board Members

Prof. Kristin Andrews

Department of Philosophy

York University


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Professional Training for English Medium Instruction (EMI) in Higher Education

Our teaching staff take part in a professional development programme for English Medium Instruction (EMI) in Higher Education run by expert researchers at the Department of English Language and Literature.

In addition, our programme and teaching staff are continuously supported by Dr. Irena Vodopija-Krstanović, whose research is dedicated to EMI study programmes in general, and the implementation and quality of EMI study programmes in Croatia specifically.

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